Commack MMA

Adult Program


This class is created for the person that has no experience in BJJ. It introduces the new student how to safely apply and have these techniques applied to them. It covers all the basic techniques and positions that a new student must learn for them to move on to the advanced classes. It focuses on BJJ’s self-defense philosophy of using leverage and technique to subdue a larger and stronger opponent.


This takes the foundation that was formed in the fundamental classes and builds upon it. The advanced program allows the student to take their BJJ to higher levels by offering no gi/mma classes and access to more mat time through open mat sessions. The student now starts to learn more advanced techniques, positions and variations which will put them on the path to becoming a Black Belt.


This class is designed to teach non-experienced and experience alike the skills necessary to properly kick and punch. Kickboxing utilizes western boxing, Muay Thai and karate and is practiced for self-defense, general fitness, sport or combat sports like MMA. Each class is an hour long and combines various different training techniques and equipment to aide in the learning of the art.


In order to qualify for our MMA program a student must show proficiency in both our BJJ and Kickboxing programs. After showing proficiency in these areas a student now qualifies for access to higher level sparring. Over the years we have developed relationships with other Academies that also have professional fighters that are willing to have our students spar and train with. In addition to all this we are able to utilize our relationships with various promoters to get you in your first amateur MMA fight.